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7 Wonders Cities 2nd Edition V2 (Nordic)

Jämför produkt 7 Wonders Cities 2nd Edition V2 (Nordic) online innan du handlar. Vi har samlat nödvändig information om produkten 7 Wonders Cities 2nd Edition V2 (Nordic) i kategorin Brädspel här hos oss.


Leksaker & Hobby - Brädspel - Expansioner - 7 Wonders Cities 2nd Edition V2 (Nordic) .

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Descent: Legends of the Dark (Eng) -17%

Föregångaren Descent: Journeys in the Dark satte guldstandarden för tematiska dungeon crawlers när det kom 2005. Nu kommer den fristående uppföljaren, Descent: Legends in the Dark. Större och häftigare än någonsin förr. Nu styrs spelets antagonist, en ondskefull overlord, av en app så att alla spelare får anta rollen som äventyrslystna hjältar som samarbetar i detta storslagna fantasyspel. Ta er igenom en helt ny episk kampanj i samma älskade värld som de tidigare Descent-spelen. Att alla monster i denna version styrs av en app gör att de kan ha mer varierande och adaptiva strategier och hela spelupplevelsen bjuder på massor av överraskningar.Terrinoth is in peril. The demon-tainted Uthuk Y’llan barbarians stalk the realm and the undead servants of Waiqar the Undying venture beyond their borders for the first time in memory. The leaders of Terrinoth are divided and fractious, unable to unite against these common threats. And in the northern barony of Forthyn, the stage is set for the next great confrontation between Terrinoth and the forces of darkness...For years, your journeys have taken you across the fantasy realm of Terrinoth, venturing into dark forests, shadowy cities, ancient crypts, and misty swamps… but your true legend is about to begin.Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Descent: Legends of the Dark, the definitive cooperative dungeon-crawling board game for one to four players!Forge your own legend together with your friends as you adventure across the vibrant fantasy realm of Terrinoth! Powered by its fully integrated free companion app, Descent: Legends of the Dark puts you in the role of a budding hero with their own playstyle and abilities. Together with your unlikely companions, you’ll begin an unexpected adventure—an adventure told across the sixteen quests of the Blood and Flame campaign. Throughout your campaign, you’ll face undead lurking in the mists, demonic barbarians stalking the wilds, and even more terrifying threats. With 46 pieces of 3D terrain and 40 stunning hero and monster miniatures to draw you into the game, your greatest adventure is yet before you!Is this the third edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark?Descent: Legends of the Dark is not the third edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark. Although it shares the realm of Terrinoth and the top-level identity as a dungeon-crawling board game indicated by the Descent title, we see Legends of the Dark as a new addition to our catalog, rather than a third edition of Journeys in the Dark.Although Journeys in the Dark featured the Road to Legend companion app, that game was always designed as a competitive experience, pitting one to four hero players against a single overlord player. Legends of the Dark harnesses its integrated companion app to deliver a cooperative game from the very beginning, freeing you and your friends to fully focus on becoming the heroes of Terrinoth.Core gameplay mechanics such as combat, fatigue, skills, items, and more have received completely new interpretations with Legends of the Dark, while a new approach to scenario layout and 3D terrain creates striking multi-level scenarios.The app also brings new changes to gameplay, introducing enemies with adaptable strategies, complex status effects and triggers fully managed by the app, and the ability to develop your heroes based on the choices you make in scenarios. You’ll also uncover a wealth of activity between scenarios, such as crafting, shopping in the city, upgrading equipment, and more.Because of these various differences, Descent: Legends of the Dark is not compatible with Descent: Journeys in the Dark content.Heroes of the RealmDescent: Legends of the Dark invites you to become one of six heroes, each eager to adventure across Terrinoth and brought to gorgeous life with stunning art and a beautifully crafted miniature. More than just their visual style, each hero boasts their own tactical approach to combat and their own virtues that you can choose to pursue during quests.For example, you may play as Vaerix, the Dragon-Hybrid Outcast. A strong-willed survivor like Vaerix calls fellow heroes to follow a greater purpose, battling with the warbell or keeping their companions hale and ready for the next fight. The Human Avenger, Brynn, is eager to punish any insult, wading into the heat of battle and meting out justice with hammer and blade. Perhaps you prefer Galaden’s long-range attacks

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